Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Character Design (animation 2)

Animation 363 A, character design exercise at the CSUN animation department. Thought I'd put it up to show where I'm at and what I'm up to. With a little help from my professor of coarse. Steven Theis. (he did the middle sketch of the three drawings on the bottom). 

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Distance...

A little update from however long it's been since my last update. But I just want to clear something up for those who are having wandering thoughts on a long distance relationship. First off, just to clarify, I myself am in a long distance relationship. It isn't a serious one considering it's only been three months to date since I met her, but it's something that I would like. Something serious I guess. It's honestly the greatest feeling a person can feel, at least in my opinion, when someone feels desired, wanted, or needed, or even depended on. And honestly it's something I'd like to feel again.

(sidenote: Everything I state in these kind of posts are completely based on my own opinions and thoughts. Everything I say may not apply to everyone. That's just how it is...)

We have a bit of a distance between us; nothing drastic but like an  hour or so between us. I know there are those of you out there that have cared ones or even loved ones out of reach by a matter of hours or even days! Makes me wonder, "How in the hell did you guys meet!? XD" but I'm here to say that having a long distance relation is the most commendable one out there and you dudes should be proud of it. From what I understand, having a relationship bring along many obstacles and challenging predicaments. Talking time, meeting time, money for transport, and the life we live in our area.

If you feel like these things are over whelming and getting fearful of these challenges, cool it, be calm, and break it down. Look at the one your with and reassure yourself that you want to continue being with this person. Have them do the same thing and then again your self. Once you do that, treat your relationship like a test, and your partner is...your partner. This whole thing is just a test of your bond and how much you mean to each other. The distance if hard to deal with, but it all depends on your determination on how much you want to see him or her again. And when you do see them again, make cherish-able memories that you will never forget. And have fun of coarse! Try new things, go somewhere far or try a new food.

People think that a long distance relationship is a bad thing because ultimately they will end up missing the person so much it hurts and they can't handle it. What people tend to forget is why they are missing the person in the first place. They want to have fun again, hold that other person again, and eventually love again. Don't fear the missing feeling, embrace and think of the pay off when you do see that person again. The depart is most always the hardest, but the arrival is always the best.

  Take pride in your long distance relationship and think about how much easier other people have it. They don't understand what it's like. So next they say their relationship is f*cking hard, go up them and be like, "bitch have no idea."

After I left my partner in crime and went to my neck of the woods, I dropped my bags went to my desk and thought about her non stop...eventually drew this. I was sad, I know that's how they look in the picture, but it's only until I see her again.

Your always on my mind Bonita. Don't ever forget that.